ADA Website Demand Letters by Legal Justice Advocates of Florida

Our law firm is the largest provider of ADA lawsuit, which now includes ADA website legal defense in California.  Since California has the majority of these filings, we are likely the largest ADA defense firm in the United States.  We are now seeing shake down letters with ADA website Federal lawsuit drafts being sent by Legal Justice Advocates of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with attorneys Avery Fenton, Shakhar Vyas, and Emerson Primental attempting to shake down businesses and small and large hotels. These ADA website claims are made on behalf of blind and visually impaired persons. Some ADA website plainitffs now include Raymond Douglas Hennagir, Alberto Hernandez, and Jack Kang.

If you have recieved one of the ADA website threat letters from Legal Justice Advocates contact us right away and do not attempt to discuss or negotiate the claim with anyone at Legal Justice Advocates before you have discussed the claim with a very experienced ADA website defense attorney or law firm.

We will look at your website at no cost, and give you our initial assessment.

We are here to help.