Attorney (first year)
$185 per hour
Attorney (from 1 to 3 years LP)$250 per hour
Attorney (from 3 to 4 years LP)$265 per hour
Attorney (from 4 to 7 years LP)$325 per hour
Attorney (from 10 to 29 years LP)$400 per hour
Attorney with over 20 years LP$450 per hour
Attorney with over 30 years LP (e.g. L. Scott Karlin)$450 per hour


Law Clerk (College Graduate)

$75 per hour
Law Clerk (2d or 3d year Law School Student)$95 per hour
Legal Assistant or Paralegal (non-attorney)$135 per hour
Law Clerk (law school graduate)$175 per hour

Cost Schedule

Item Charge

Photocopying (per page)$.20
Scan Documents (per page)*$.20
Travel outside Orange County$.20 per mile
Travel over 150 milesAt cost for business class plus per diem
Long DistanceCalls At cost
Fax received (per page)$.25
Fax sent (per page)$1.00
MessengerAt cost+
MailingAt cost+
Filing FeesAt cost
Deposition feesAt cost
Investigator feesAt cost
Outside Copy Service feesAt cost+
Expert Consulting and Witness feesAt cost
On-line search and retrievalAt cost+
Printing emails, attachments to emails, or legal research per page$.20

The above charges shall apply to scanning the file and any of its pages. However, while Law Firm reserves the right to scan Law firm is not obligated to do so, whether during the time Law Firm is representing Client or upon closing of the case or matter.

FINANCE CHARGE: All bills with are not paid within 20 days of the date of the bill shall be subject to a finance charge of 10% per annum simple interest to accrue from the first day of the month of the month in which the bill was sent. PER DIEM: If travel and exceeds 30 miles, a per diem shall be added of $95.00 per day, plus first class hotel, and car rental, if necessary. AT COST+ means that Law Firm reserves the right to add 10% to the cost to cover Law Firm's administrative expense regarding the item.