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ADA considerations for restauranteurs

On Behalf of | May 2, 2024 | ADA |

Restauranteurs have many things to think about when they’re getting a new restaurant ready to open. While most become focused on the layout of the restaurant, the menu and a variety of other aesthetic factors, they may not think much about compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Yet, any restaurant that’s going to have seating must have options that comply with the ADA’s requirements. Understanding exactly what these are is important, so they don’t face legal claims later.

Seating compliance

There are several points that must be met in order to achieve ADA compliance for seating. At least 5% of the tables with a minimum of one table must be compliant with the requirements for a person in a wheelchair. Many restauranteurs achieve this by ensuring that at least one table has removable chairs that can be moved out of the way if someone needs the space for their wheelchair.

In order for a table to be considered compliant, the tabletop must be 28 to 34 inches. The bottom of the tabletop has to be 27 inches or more from the floor and there must be at least 19 inches of clearance for knees beneath the table.

While working to ensure ADA compliance is undeniably important, restauranteurs should still be prepared for claims of non-compliance. Having someone on their side who can battle claims against ADA violation claims on their behalf is beneficial for these business owners, given all that is at stake.