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Experienced Legal Assistance For Drafting Of Consultant Agreements In California

The business attorneys at Karlin Law Firm LLP excel at negotiating, drafting and reviewing a wide range of contracts for commercial clients in Orange County and California statewide, including consultant agreements, employment agreements and nonbinding letters of intent.

As business owners in our own right, we relate personally and professionally to your goals. This commitment is reflected in our desire to compose and defend, if necessary, detailed documentation that binds you to consultants and independent contractors.

At Karlin Law Firm LLP, you reap the benefits of our extensive knowledge of contract law as it pertains to elements of consultant agreements.

Who is a consult? Someone who provides professional services or advice to your business for compensation. A consultant agreement is there to outline the services that your consult will provide your business. As a business owner, you don’t want to leave anything to chance, so you want to protect the confidentiality of your business secrets, trade secrets and intellectual property. A consultant agreement will do just that with carefully drafted nondisclosures and rights clauses.

The agreements we write for you, and review from other sources, leave nothing to chance. We insist on attention to detail, availability to your questions and openness to your ideas that are second to none.

We invite you to contact us to discuss the consultant agreement you have in mind or any business contract you deem essential to the continued success of your enterprise.

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