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Demand Letter By Pacific Trial Attorneys Re Ada Website Compliance Violations

The Karlin Law Firm LLP defends these claims and also works with businesses, website owners, web developers and webmasters to bring websites into compliance in a way that will avoid ADA violation claims. Web developers will often focus on WCAG 2.0 or WCAG 2.1, but much more needs to be addressed, and knowledge and experience in the current state of the law are critical to protect businesses, which needs to be explained to the web developer working on a website. The Karlin Law Firm LLP has resolved over 1,600 ADA cases, half of which are now website claims and cases. We both defend and provide the needed guidance in website compliance.

Here’s an example of a typical letter sent by Pacific Trial Attorneys:

Via Federal Express
Website Company
12345 Main Street, Your City, State
Attention Legal Department

Re: Website Accessibility Lawsuit

To Whom It May Concern:

This law firm has been retained by a blind consumer to pursue a claim against you under the California Unruh Act.

In short, your website (website address) is not fully accessible to visually-impaired individuals, Indeed, the California Supreme Court recently confirmed that anti-discrimination laws apply to commercial websites.  We urge you to consult your own counsel about your rights and obligations in this emerging area of law.

We plan to file suit in the near future. If you wish to discuss this matter, your counsel should promptly contact me.


Scott J. Ferrel, Esq.