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Business Law And Litigation

We can handle a broad range of California Business Law and Business Litigation for individuals, investors and businesses throughout California. Commercial disputes can seriously impact your bottom line and we work hard to resolve issues quickly, cost-effectively, and in a way that meets your needs. Contact us to arrange a confidential consultation. We are AV rated.

Over 30 Years Of Experience

In our Business Law and Business Litigation practice, we represent a full range of businesses. Here are just a few examples:

  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Business Brokers
  • Dealership Brokers
  • Escrow Companies
  • Internet Escrow Companies
  • Health Clubs
  • Furniture Store Chains
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • International Businesses and International Transactions
  • Franchise Businesses
  • Stand-alone and Franchise Restaurants
  • other Business Franchises

A Business Litigation Lawyer and Attorney can help with all aspects of your business. We are a law firm where our Business Litigation and Lawyers and Business Litigation Attorneys can provide the best legal advice you will need. At our law offices, we handle a broad range of legal matters and litigation, contract law, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, buy, sell, buy-sell, purchase agreement, and bulk sales.

We provide our legal services for entities that may take the form of an LLC, Corporation, Joint Venture, Partnership, Limited Partnership, or Trust. A business start-up, formation issues may arise. After a business is started, a dispute may arise regarding Corporations, or LLCs, or Partnerships, private offering, PPM, investment fraud, and partner and partnership disputes, member disputes, shareholder disputes, unfair competition and other co-owner disputes. These may arise regarding a franchise, UFOC, sale of the corporation, partnership, Limited Partnership, minority interest, minority rights, minority shareholder rights, employment disputes or unfair competition. Disputes also surface regarding a lease, commercial lease, trade secrets, noncompetition, noncompetition agreements, covenant, covenant not to compete, customers, stealing customers.

Regarding Business Sales issues may arise concerning a bulk sale, escrow, bulk sale escrow instructions, asset purchase, asset purchase agreement, APA, Letter of Intent or LOI, and a stock sale, and UCC, UCC 1, and in relation to franchise law. Disputes often touch on insurance or an insurance Dispute, Settlement, Release, Structured Settlement, Sale of Structured Settlement, or cash offered for a Structured Settlement.

Questions often arise regarding liability, in particular, the liability of the owner, the liability of the employer, the liability of partner, the liability of the employee, the liability of officer or director, the liability of member, trustee liability, the liability of business buyers, sellers, business brokers, real estate brokers and finders.

Disputes may involve Litigation, a Lawsuit, ADR, Arbitration, American Arbitration Association, JAMS, Mediation, or a Court Action.

A business dispute or claim may concern a Breach of Duty, Breach of Contract, Fraud, misrepresentation, disclose, disclosure, failure to disclose, non-disclosure,17200. The disputes may end up with issues regarding a Court Judgment, award, collection, enforcement, collection of a judgment.

Our Business Law and Litigation Practice:

  • Business Contracts and Agreements. Contract formation and breach of contract, disputes over Contract Terms and Agreement Terms and conditions, and Contract Performance
  • Buying and Selling Businesses. Negotiations, Documentation, Asset purchases and sales, bulk sales, due diligence issues, California Bulk Sale Escrows
  • Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate. Direct sales, 1031 delayed sales and 1031 tax differed exchanges, California commercial real estate escrows, documentation, disclosures and nondisclosure
  • Commercial Leases. From negotiating a commercial lease, including AIR form leases, lease assignment and subleasing, to resolving lease disputes
  • Employment Matters. Employee breach of an employment agreement, breach of employment contracts, sexual harassment, general employment law advice
  • Business Fraud and Non-Disclosure and unfair business practices
  • Unfair Competition. Theft of intellectual property, violation of trademarks, misappropriation of your goodwill, unfair competition
  • Mergers and Acquisitions. Controversies related to buying and selling a business, asset sales, bulk sales, and stock or partnership sale of the business, corporation, sale of stockholder shares, LLC, or Partnership interests
  • Co-Owner Disputes. LLC member disputes, Partner and Partnership disputes, Trustee and Beneficiary disputes, shareholder disputes, minority shareholder rights
  • Automotive and Automobile Dealership Law. See our Practice Area: Dealership Law
  • Escrow Law. See our Practice Area: Escrow Law
  • Restaurant Law. See our Practice Area: Restaurant Law
  • Business Broker and Finder Law. See our Practice Area: Business Broker Law
  • Entertainment Business (Film and Music). See our Practice Area: Entertainment Law
  • Franchise Businesses. See our Practice Area: Franchise Law
  • International Business Contracts and Transactions. See our Practice Area: International Law

For experienced representation in business law and business litigation in California, including Orange County, Los Angeles County, Tustin and San Diego Counties, contact us to schedule an initial consultation. We have offices conveniently located in San Jose, Tustin, La Jolla, Los Angeles and Tustin.