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Changing CRE investment strategies for 2019

California commercial real estate investors may want to consider modifying their strategies for staying on top of the market in 2019. While many investors may opt to continue to use what has worked for them in the past, others may have to use new methods to set up capital in order to address a volatile equity market, slow growth in the industry and trade disputes.

According to an investor based in Texas who has implemented a value-add investment plan in the office sector for the last 10 years, there is no need for new strategies. He states that even though the Texas market has softened slightly, it is still healthy, and there has been no substantive change in demand that requires doing something different.

Mortgage approval doesn't last forever

Prior to buying a home, it is generally a good idea to get tentative loan approval from a mortgage lender. This can help a person in California or elsewhere get a better idea of how much they qualify for. However, it is important to know how long the approval will be good for, and in most cases, an individual will have up to 90 days to obtain an actual loan.

This is because an individual's financial circumstances may change enough after 90 days to alter a lender's decision. For instance, a person could lose a job, incur a new expense or otherwise look like less of sure thing to repay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. During this process, a lender will look at a person's income, asset and other financial information. It will help that bank, credit union or other financial institution determine if a prospective borrower is worth working with.

ADA website Demand Letters and Lawsuits - is this Legal Blackmail?

If you own a business in California, you understand the importance of taking steps to ensure your company is ADA compliant. From wheelchair accessibility to the design of your website, there are various factors that business owners have to consider in order to make sure their store meets standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A new form of this "drive-by" ADA claim, are law firms sending claim letters and filing lawsuits, often asking for money because the claim the website is not "ADA compliant".  Such claims and letters may fall under the law, so it may be legal to make the claim or even file the lawsuit, but in our view even if legal, it can be a form of unfair backmail because the cost of fighting the claim often outweighs paying a small settlement.  Ironically, after 10 years or more the Department of Justice was not able to come up with any guidelines or standards on how a website can be more user friendly to the visually impaired or blind, or help the blind use a program called "Jaws" to verbalize what is on the website. Nevertheless, these lawsuits are being filed and must be responded to, and that can be very costly.

Some of the ADA website attorneys who are filing ADA website lawsuits or making these types of claims are: Bruce Carlson, Carlson Lynch, David Reid, Joseph Manning, Kevin W. Tucker, Luis Licea, Manning, Pacific Trial Attorneys, Scott Farrell, and some of the ADA website Plaintiffs or Claimants are: Abacus Heras, Abelardo Martinez, Cesar Cotto, Cheryl Thurston, Eddie White, Kayla Reed, Luis Licea, Rebecca Castillo, and Robert Jahoda 

Why selling to an investor isn't always a good idea

Real estate investors in California and throughout the country could be willing to buy a home if they think doing so could be profitable. However, there are upsides and downsides to doing so. For instance, selling a home to an investor may avoid a foreclosure and the credit problems that can come with it. Of course, it is important to understand that the home will likely sell for less than market value.

This allows the buyer a greater opportunity to make a profit. In addition, it is possible that a seller becomes the victim of a real estate scam. Sellers should do proper due diligence before liquidating their properties regardless of how fast they need to complete the deal. Individuals may be able to use Google to research a potential buyer to determine if it is trustworthy.

What to know about cash offers for homes

Individuals in California and throughout the country who are looking to sell their homes may be able to receive cash offers. In some cases, the closing process is easier, and it may be less expensive to complete the transaction without the need for a real estate agent. However, there are some issues that a property owner should consider prior to accepting a cash offer from a prospective buyer.

It is important that a property owner be able to meet with a potential buyer in person. Those who aren't available to talk or only communicate by email could be scammers. Another red flag is a person who claims to be from a foreign country who is moving for work or some other purpose and wants to buy a property without seeing it first. If a buyer doesn't seem interested in negotiating, that could be a sign that something isn't right.

Selling a home to friends or family

When a California resident decides to sell a home to a friend or family member, they may be happy about the transaction. However, the choice can come with its own complications. Buying or selling a home is already a somewhat complex process that is often one of the biggest transactions in a person's life. As a result, a sale between friends or family can come with the complications that accompany a combination of business and private life. In the first place, there is no arms-length transaction with a close relative or best friend; both parties know a great deal about each other's lifestyles and financial situations.

This means that it may be easier to come to an agreement, but it can also be easier for one party to judge the other or become angered due to a particular request or demand. In addition, both sides know the other's emotional triggers and weaknesses, something that could easily cause a problem during negotiations. The buyer may also know about other pressures on the seller, such as the planned purchase of another new home. As a result, buyers may be less likely to raise their offers. Because of this, a seller engaging in a real estate deal with someone they love may be well-advised to keep their business private during the negotiation process.

Commercial real estate and blockchain technology

Making the decision to invest in commercial real estate in California or any other state can result in profits if wise investment decisions are made. However, it is important that investors recognize how the commercial real estate industry is changing. One significant change is the integration of blockchain technology.

One way blockchain technology is disrupting the industry is by changing how property searches are conducted. Using multiple listing services to arrange a contractual offer and conduct property research is still prevalent. Many players in the industry, including potential buyers, brokers, tenants, owners, and managers, make use of the MLS to find important information that can help them make an informed selling or purchasing decision. However, the data must be obtained from multiple sources, which can be an inefficient process that not only makes researching for properties slower but also prolongs decision-making.

Home-selling tips for Real Estate Sales

Residential Real Estate homeowners in California who want to sell their home should take care regarding which home-selling tips they follow. Making the wrong decisions or taking the wrong steps can result in a home that remains on the market for a long time or selling a home at a price that is much less than is desired.

For those thinking of selling their home without a real estate broker, it is wise to have the transaction handled by a real estate attorny who is also a real estate broker.  Often these attorneys charge a fraction of the price of the percentage fees charged by a real estate broker, and they often do a far better job with the legal documentation, purchase and sale agreements to protect the interest of their clients.  The Karlin Law Firm can handle the sale of your home.

Here's an additional tip.  It is not always wise to wait until the spring months to place a home on the market. Spring is a popular season for selling a home, and homeowners will be competing with many other homes. This means that there will be more choices for buyers who will be likely to ask for a lower selling prices. In order to sell a home during the spring season, it will be necessary to market and price the home in such a way that it demonstrates to buyers that it is the better bargain than other homes nearby. Homeowners who want to sell their home without having to deal with a crowded market should consider selling during the winter and summer months when the competition is not as stiff.

Hotel ADA Website Lawsuits - Making Hotel Websites ADA Compliant

The Karlin Law Firm has seen a tidal wave of hotel ADA "website" lawsuits.  This is occuring in the name of private litigants claiming the websites do not provide enough information about "accessible features" of the hotel. Unlike other hotel guests who would simply call the hotel to ask about features of the hotel that may not appear on a hotel's website, these ADA Plaintiffs Sue First and Ask Questions Later.

Are there any exceptions to ADA compliance rules?

As California small business owners know, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act is crucial. This federal act ensures that individuals with certain types of disabilities can function in public places. Businesses of all kinds have to comply with the ADA, but there are a few exceptions. 

If you are a small business owner, you understand how important it is to ensure that you meet requirements. Failure to do so could result in certain financial penalties and expose you to the risk of a lawsuit. While the point of the ADA is to provide certain individuals with access to public places, it could be in your interests to learn more about potential exceptions and what they could mean for your organization.

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