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Litigation of any kind can be costly, lengthy, and a waste of emotion, ambition, effort and energy. If a dispute between business competitors or property owners can be mediated or negotiated to an amicable outcome, it should be.

But there are times when a courtroom must be used to resolve a contentious disagreement. When that happens, and a commercial real estate matter is the bone of contention, you need aggressive advocacy before judge and jury that makes a difference.

Throughout Southern California, the experienced real estate attorneys at Karlin Law Firm LLP work hard to resolve disputes to our clients’ satisfaction – and have for more than 35 years.

During that time, we have litigated cases against some of the largest real estate developers and builders in California, including claims alleging fraud and nondisclosure in the buying and selling of commercial real estate, involving co-owners, tenants in common, partnerships, forced sales, partition actions, lis pendens filings, easement disputes, ground leases and the leasing of commercial real estate to businesses.

Our track record of success is proof that we can help, in and out of court. Along the way, you receive the benefits of our comprehensive command of the law, insightful litigation strategy and one-on-one personal service. Contact us to discuss your litigation goals.

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