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California real estate law and transactions are complex, and minor oversights can have significant consequences. With the rapid increase in real estate disputes, commercial lease disputes, use of property issues, sales and purchases in California, real estate disputes and litigation are complex and on the rise.

On the transaction side, this fast activity increases the chance for major errors and mistakes in drawing California real estate agreements and contracts, and lease modifications as well as new commercial leases. They are often disclosure requirements for sellers and now for commercial and residential landlords. This is occurring in both California real estate broker and agent-assisted sales and in for sale by owner (FSBO) where buyers or sellers have no real estate broker or agent.

Real estate transactions are often the largest investment in a person’s life. This is true of both residential as well as commercial California real estate sales. It would usually be foolish to enter into a California real estate sales contract or agreement without a California real estate attorney and lawyer. This is true of both broker and agent-assisted real estate sales as well as for sale by owner California real estate sales and purchases proceeding without a real estate broker or attorney.

Our firm has provided advice and guidance in California commercial leases, commercial lease disputes, buying, selling and acquistions of commercial and residential real estate. Negotiations regarding the inability to use property, commercial rent nonpayment, modifications and work outs. In buying and selling property issues with disclosure documents, and escrow instructions, co-owner, tenant in common TIC agreements and disputes. We also handle partition lawsuits, specific performance, quiet title, easement, fence disputes and lis pendens filings. From reviews in Avvo and elsewhere our clients and other attorneys consider our firm to be top-rated and among the best California real estate lawyers and attorneys. When disputes arise we have an active California litigation practice, including cases and lawsuits and arbitration from breach of contract, specific performance,  partition actions, quite title, lis pendens, nondisclosure, and fraud.

Major California Real Estate Litigation

We have successfully litigated cases against some of the largest builders and real estate developers in California, including claims and lawsuits involving California real estate fraud and non-disclosure in the buying and selling of California real estate, including co-owners, tenants in common, partnership disputes, forced sales, partition actions, lis pendens filings, easement disputes, as well as the leasing of commercial real estate and businesses.

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We also handle controversies when multiple parties own a parcel of property and cannot agree on the use or disposition of the real estate, or where one party fails to contribute.

We also handle for sale by  owner sales and purchases at a substantial savings over using a real estate broker.   See our For Sale By Owner Page.