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California Attorneys Handling Easement And Encroachment Disputes

An easement or encroachment can have a direct impact on property ownership.

Ideally, these issues can be resolved without a contentious dispute. When differences cannot be worked out, however, litigation will be needed to preserve an owner’s rights before significant decreases in property values occur.

We are the experienced real estate attorneys to come to for lasting resolutions to easement and encroachment disputes in California.

We are Karlin Law Firm LLP.

Since 1979, we have worked directly and successfully with our real estate clients to reach consensus over issues involving easements and encroachments. Our extensive knowledge, track record and personal service are proof that we can help.

Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights For Any Commercial Or Residential Real Estate Dispute

We recognize your need to have your property protected against unauthorized use. At Karlin Law Firm LLP, we lay out every available option for you to consider so that we come to sound decisions on a course of action.

During your initial consultation, we can discuss the broad range of easements and their ramifications, including implied and equitable easements, easement by express agreement, easement by prescription, easements by necessity and right of way easements related to public utilities, water and sewer lines, public use and road access.

When our work together has concluded, you can have confidence that your rights have been thoroughly safeguarded.

Get the facts you need about easements and encroachments by speaking with one of the skilled real estate lawyers at Karlin Law Firm LLP. We welcome your call and your email message.

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