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Providing quality legal services to statewide and national clients in ADA defense, Personal Injury, business and real estate for more than 35 years

Providing quality legal services to statewide and national clients in ADA defense, Personal Injury, business and real estate for more than 35 years


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New The premiere ADA Lawsuit Defense Lawyers, as well as a top rated Law Firm handling Real Estate, Business, Claims and Matters. Family run and operated, we are here to help.

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We are The Karlin Law Firm LLP, one of the leading law firms in the Nation offering clients efficient and effective representation in many areas of the law. We are proud to be able to provide the comprehensive knowledge and experience of a large firm, and the customized personal services of a small firm.

As the top ADA defense firm, our firm has handled and/or consulted on, over 1,200 ADA cases, including drive-by lawsuits, ADA Website and App Lawsuits, Hotel Website and Access LawsuitsApartment ADA and Reasonable Accommodation claims, to Restaurant ADA lawsuits. In addition, our versatility allows us to assist clients dealing with business, commercial landlord – tenant matters, buyers and sellers of real estate and businesses, entertainment industry entrepreneurs, as well as other areas of the law.

The Karlin Law Firm LLP LLP – ADA Defense, Business, Real Estate, and More.

The Karlin Law Firm LLP have successfully defended against Abusive ADA Drive-By Lawsuits, ADA website lawsuits, ADA App claims and lawsuits, Hotel access and Hotel Website accessibility lawsuits and claims, Apartment ADA cases including “Reasonable Accommodation” claims, Service Dog and Comfort Animal ADA claims. These lawsuits filed under Americans with Disabilities Act, and California Unruh Act are variation of accessibility lawsuits. We have defended and advised owners and businesses over 1,000 times, and we believe we are the largest ADA law firm defending against ADA claims.

Of note is a new development where at least one law firm is targeting owners of mobile applications – Apps – for alleged ADA non-compliance.  In our view, there is no legal basis for almost all of these ADA App claims and lawsuits.  The law firm of Carlson Lynch of Pittsburg, PA, is one of the law firms making claims against owners of Apps, on behalf of Robert Jahoda and Eddie White through its lawyers and attorneys, R. Bruce Carlson, Kevin W. Tucker, Todd D. Carpenter and Eric Zard.  If you have received one of their claim letters, give us a call.

Plaintiffs filing ADA lawsuits include Jose Colon, aka Jose Velez, aka Jose Velez-Colon (files in pro per), Estela J. Ramos (files in pro per), Theresa Brooke (hotel pool lift ADA lawsuits), John Ho, Scott Johnson, Adam Ghadiri (files in pro per and also uses ADA plaintiffs lawyers), Tito Vasquez and Ruben Paul Gonzales aka Ruben Gonzales represented by Joseph Bakhos, Shirley Lindsay, Anthony Navarro, Carmen Perri, James Rutherford, United African Asian Abilities Club (apartment ADA lawsuits), Martin Vogel, Matthew Verdiglione, James Zarian (industrial property ADA lawsuits), Samuel Zarian (industrial property ADA lawsuits), Gabriela Cabrera, Donna Dugo (hotel website ADA lawsuits), Poupak Barekat (hotel website ADA lawsuits), Abacus Hereas (hotel ADA lawsuits), Jeff Jinkins, Damian Minna, Juan Garibay, Iviena Newkirk, David Hester, Rory Chavez, Jin Lee, James Farr (wesite lawsuits), Brett Deslavo (website lawsuits), Douglas Powers, Louis Thomas Morrow, Sunderland Lyle Morrow, Barbara Phelp, Anthony Ernst, Elizabeth Ernst, Chantel Contreras, Shyann Courage, Jose Daniel Castillo-Antonio, Richard Sepulveda, Michael Smith, Brenda Core, Daniel Lopez, Terry Hubbard, Cynthia Hopson, Meryl Pomponio, Hendrick Block, Cameron Shaw, Irving Griffin, Eduardo Deras-Nava, Michael Rhambo, Jeremy Holland, Columbus Grisby, Rusty Rendon (website ADA lawsuits), Robert J. Kulick, Andres Gomez (hotel website ADA lawsuits), Byron Chapman, Daniel Trippeidi, Gwendolyn Clouser aka Wendy Clouser, John Meggs, Lee Manuel Weilch, Mister Bailey, Edmond Neal, Larry Dunn, Gabriel Dorsey, Roosevelt Canton, Julian Vargas, Vern Robert Theroux, Christopher Soldan, Kayla Ryan, Xandra Kahre (website letters), Kimberly Frazier, Oziel Sawyer III, Abacuc Heras, Francisca Moralez, Brenda Pickern, Adelfo Cerame, Jr., Teresa Chavez-Crone, Jose Daniel Castillo-Antonio, Bryan Estrada, Jaime Ranberg, Jimmy Varriano, Ruben Paul Gonzales, Joseph S. Quigg, James Lee, Guri Gonzalez, Po Tang (hotel website ADA lawsuits), George Avalos, Sue Gaspar, Sheila Biglang-Awa aka Sheila Biglang Awa (website lawsuits), Jose Casillas (website lawsuits), Eleanor Burke, Gabriela Cabrera, Robert Aaron McKissick, Jessie James IV, Anna Marie Wiggins, Bruce Begg, Sonny Hernandez.

Law Firms and Lawyers filing these type of cases for ADA Plaintiffs include: The Center for Disability Access, Disabled Advocacy Group, Ray Ballister, Mark Potter, Phil Grace, Bryan Miller, Brian Andrews, Ross Cornell, Michael Taibi, Christopher Monge, Scott Lynn J. Hubbard IV, Morse Mehrban (restaurant, bathroom mirror ADA lawsuits, hotel meeting room listing device hearing aid ADA lawsuits), Pamela Tsao, Ascension Law Group, Ted Shin, Metz and Harrison, Jason Yoon, Sung T. Kim, Joseph R. Manning Jr. aka Joe Manning, the Manning Law Firm, LLP (business, website ADA lawsuits and hotel website ADA lawsuits), Michael J. Manning (business, website ADA lawsuits and hotel website ADA lawsuits with plaintiffs including Perla Mageno, Rebecca Castillo, Jennifer Carbine, Cesar Cotto, Sheila Biglang-Awa aka Sheila Biglang Awa and Anthony Bouyer. More attorney’s include Craig Cote (business, website ADA lawsuits and hotel website ADA lawsuits), Babak Hashemi, Jong Yun Kim, Peter Kristofer Strojnik (Swimming Pool lift ADA and Hotel ADA lawsuits), aka Peter Strojnik, David C. Wakefield (Apartment ADA lawsuits), Scott J. Ferrell (Website Lawsuits) include plaintiffs Dominick Martin, Luis Licea, Walter Mitchell, Roy Rios, Brittney Mejico and Anita Ogletree. Kevin Hong, Dennis Price, Advanced Disability Advocates, So. Cal. Equal Access Group, John Y. Kim, Faud Haghighi, Eric G. Calhoun (blind and visually impaired ADA lawsuits), Eric Calhoun, Arthur Connors, Calhoun & Associates (blind and visually impaired ADA Lawsuits, Marty J. Nicholson (blind and visually impaired ADA Lawsuits), Marty Nicholson, Nada Higuera. These Lawsuits have been recently investigated as Drive-By ADA Lawsuits in a 60 Minutes CBS News with Anderson Cooper. Fuller, Fuller and Associates, John P. Fuller, Donals A. Mackay, Thomas E. Frankovich. NYE, Stirling, Hale, Miller LLP, Jonathan D. Miller, Alison M. Bernal. Lawyers for ADA Rights, R. Alan Smith, Lindsey M. Hansen. Berokim Law (website letters),  Kevin W. Tucker (website letters) plaintiff: Blair Douglass, Morgan J. McGrath (website letters in Florida), Hasstie Sanjar, Steven L. Derby. Lipsky Lowe, LLP, Douglas B. Lipsky (New York City, New York) Plaintiff: Brian Fischler. Amanda F. Benedict, Law Office of Amanda Benedict, Plaintiff: Richard Cooks. Ruban D. Nathan, Nathan & Associates, APC, Plaintiff: William White, Portell Law Group in New Jersey (website letters), Amanda Seabock with Center for Disability Access, Jonathan A. Stieglitz, Apex Law, Ryan M. Ferrell, (Website letters, based in Arizona), Thomas W. Kohler, Jonathan A. Stieglitz. Another notable plaintiff filing in Pennsylvania is Karen Clark, her attorney is based in Pittsburgh, PA and goes by Benjamin J. Sweet. Another serial plaintiff is Jose Quezada filing in the Southern District of NY, his attorney Mars Khaimov sues websites all across the country. Mars Khaimov also represents plaintiff’s, Josue Paguada and Raymond Gonzalez.

Here are few things to do and not do to avoid a Website Lawsuit

See our ADA Lawsuit link for more information.

  • Business law and business litigation, legal services that can form your corporation, strengthen its operation with contracts and resolve disputes against it in court.
  • Business Transactional Services, Pass-Through Entities, in light of the new tax laws, including Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Sub-Chapter S Corporations, and Partnerships. See latest on new tax law from Senate and House reconciliation, including the full text of the new tax bill as of December 15, 2017. Click Here.
  • Personal injury claims as these claims relate to ADA access claims. New ADA plaintiffs now include Abelardo Martinez Jr., Cesar Cotto, Perla Mageno (Website lawsuits) and Lorenzo Martinez (blind or visually impaired ADA lawsuits).
  • Real estate, full-service assistance for clients with residential and commercial transactional goals, and those involved in Real Estate disputes and Real Estate Lawsuits, co-owner disputes, partition actions, commercial leases, and more.
  • Entertainment law, offering services that address every legal need of the film and music creative community.
  • Some new people making ADA website claims incude Cesar Cotto and others, see our website tab.

We recognize the importance of establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. We want you to succeed in your business ventures and profit from the practical, lasting solutions that we recommend for your legal issues. Through open communication, exceptional personal attention and the highest level of professionalism, we work hard to help you accomplish your goals. Additional ADA Plaintiff’s lawyers and ADA law firms include: Law offices of Michelle Uzeta, Michelle Uzeta, Hakimi Law Offices, calling themselves Hakimi and Shahriari, with attorney’s Anoush Hakimi and Peter Shahriari, Portell Law Group, Jennifer Portell, Kevin W. Tucker, Blair Douglass, All Access Law Group, Irene Karbelashvili, Rein and Clefton, Paul Rein, Aaron Clefton, Richard MacBride, Louis Velez and Thomas Vandeveld III.  Additional ADA Plaintiffs sometimes represented by the ADA Plaintiff Lawyers and Attorneys, Center for Disability Access, now include: Orlando Garcia, Belen Acevedo, Robert Acosta, Edgar Carrillo, Shonna Counter, Antonio Fernandez, Cecil Eugene, Renanto Rico, Gilbert Salinas, Luis Uriarte-Limon aka Luis Uriarte Limon, Lawrence Davis, Walter Ford, Adam Ghadiri, Juan Garibay, Michelle Kristofferson, Jose Madriz, Luis Marquez, Kenneth Munson, Catherine Palmer, Orland Sylve, Jorge Torres, Raul Uriarte-Limon, Mike Young.  ADA plaintiffs sometimes represented by ADA Plaintiff’s Lawyers and Attorneys Hakimi Law Offices include Silas Braxton, Michael Slack, Anthony Smith, James Shayler, Todd Williamson, Shawn Bedwell, Ed Hull, Shamar Jackson; Additional ADA plaintiffs represented by Disability Access and Kevin Hong, include Hwan Kim, Kee Sook Ahn, Kyu Hwu Back, Chang Eui Bong, Grace Cho, Sara Cho, In Sun Kil, Young Koo, Calvin Kwon, Chang Shim, Song Yune.

Additional ADA Plaintiffs represented by ADA Plaintiff’s laywers and attorneys So Cal Equal Access and Jason Yoon, include Sung Choi, Chom Ye Chon, Jwa Hyun Kim, Mal Kim, Sam Kim, James Lee, Susan Lee, Young Lee, Lamar Myers, Soon Ja Song Roy Yium.  Additional ADA plaintiffs represented by ADA plaintiff’s lawyers and attorneys include Michael Keo, Quy Tround, Than Vo.  Additional ADA plaintiffs represented by ADA plaintiff’s lawyers and attorneys All Access Law Group and Irene Karbelashvili, include Shelby Gail Heifetz, Lena Macias, Rachelle Ridola, Valentina Ryss, Jason Vomacka.  Additional ADA plaintiffs represented by Moore Law Firm and Tanya Moore, include Albert Dytch, Gerardo Hernandez and Cleveland Vickers.  Additional ADA plaintiffs represented by ADA plaintiff’s attorneys and lawyers Rein and Clefton, Paul Rein, and Aaron M. Clifton, include John Schulz and Albert Torres Jr. Additional ADA plaintiff represented by ADA attorney and lawyer Richard Mac Bride includes Jose Daniel Castillo-Antonio, includes Karel Spikes.  Additional ADA plaintiff represented by ADA attorney and lawyer Disabled advocacy Group includes Arretta Tyler, Additional ADA plaintiff represented by ADA attorney and lawyer Timothy G. McFarlin includes Joseph Sanchez, Additional ADA plaintiff represented by ADA attorney and lawyer Geoffrey T. Bentley and law offices of Geoffrey Bentley, includes Karel Spikes, also represented by Vandeveld Law Offices.  Additional ADA plaintiff represented by ADA attorney and lawyer Khushpreet Mehton, includes ADA plaintiff Douglas Powers, Martha Kimes and Scott Lissberger.  Additional ADA plaintiff represented by ADA attorney and lawyer Russell S. Humphrey, includes ADA plaintiff Anissa Jasso. Lipsky Lowe, LLP, Douglas B. Lipsky (New York City, New York) Plaintiff: Brian Fischler. Additional plaintiffs represented by Jacob Shahbaz are Garnik Blkhoyan, John Paul Hutchins and Kevin Rosales. Lawsuits filed in San Diego are by attorney, Albert Sontaag and his plaintiff’s are Lamar Jackson, Jerry Jackson (Also represented by Ted Shin), Lawrence Gay, Willie Washington, Jesse Jones and Patrick Evans. Notable Website claims filed in New York by attorney’s Pelayo Duran and Roderick Hannah include plaintiff Wanda Koehn. More attorney’s in New York include Jonathan Ben Shalom representing serial plaintiff’s Michelle Tenzer-Fuchs and Derrick U. Dennis.

Contact our experienced attorneys to schedule an initial consultation. We welcome your email message.

Recent News: California State Court Follows “No Place No Case” Doctrine. In Thurston v. Midvale Corp., 39 Cal. App. 5th 634, 640-41 (Sep 3, 2019) , the Court closely followed 9th circuit Federal Case, Robles vs Domino’s Pizza. On the one hand, the Court allowed an ADA website case to go forward, but it also stated that the main reason for doing so, just as in the Robles case, was because there was a likely nexus between the website and the defendant’s physical store, strongly suggesting that without the nexus to a physical location where customers can obtain goods or services, there would be no ADA case. This is what The Karlin Law Firm LLP has called the “No Place – No Case” doctrine, or for short the Karlin Website Doctrine. Good news for websites which have customers in California.

The Karlin Law Firm LLP serves clients statewide and nationally with offices conveniently located in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Jose, Tustin, and San Diego, Tustin, San Francisco and the Bay Area.

On the demand letter front, in additon to the above, we are now seeing website ADA claims by Legal Justice Advocates of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with attorneys Avery Fenton, Shakhar Vyas, and Emerson Primental attempting to shake down businesses and small and large hotels.  These ADA website claims are made on behalf of blind and visually impaired persons. Some ADA website Plaintiffs now include Raymond Douglas Hennagir and Alberto Hernandez.

Another recent development is new attorneys attempting to obtain settlements far and above what the average case of the same type would settle for, these include the law firm of Hakimi & Shahriari, located at 1800 Vine St., in Los Angeles, Califorina, with lawyers Anoush Hakimi and Peter Shahriari.  Often such lawsuits allege multiple visits to the same property.  We have conducted extensive research and have filed briefs with the Court in ways designed to combat over aggressive tactic and what we believe to be out of control settlement demands.

Of recent note, on October 8, 2019 the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case of Robles vs. Domino’s Pizza.  Millions of business websites, both large and small (mostly small businesses) will be impacted and struggle as a result of a lack of ADA website standards, and will be opened up to ADA website lawsuits by law firms such as the Manning Law Firm, headed by Joseph Manning, the Pacific Trial Lawyers, headed by Scott Ferrell and Dave Reid, the Carlson Lynch Law Firm, The Portell Law Group, headed by Jennifer Portell as well as some to the others referred to above.  We are the leaders in ADA website defense and we defend against ADA website claims and lawsuits, and can assist with both the defense as well as work with you and your IT department or web developer on ways to help prevent ADA website lawsuits and claims. One source of information is WCAG, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and the 2.0 guidelines (which may not be considered standards).

We are mindful of insurance issues, ADA coverage or lack thereof and ways to acquire insurance that provides a greater chance for ADA lawsuit defense, indemnity and coverage, some of which may be included in ADA lawsuit protection with EPL insurance or EPLI insurance.