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We are The Karlin Law Firm.

The Karlin Law Firm, LLP, has been one of the leading law firms in Southern California for decades, offering clients efficient and effective representation in many areas of the law. We are proud to be able to provide the comprehensive knowledge and experience of a large firm, and the customized personal services of a small firm.

Our firm wide versatility allows us to assist defendants in ADA lawsuits, clients dealing with business or real estate litigation, buyers and sellers of real estate and businesses, entertainment industry entrepreneurs, injured victims of serious, major accidents caused by negligence, and many other ares of the law.

The Karlin Law Firm LLP — Professional, Responsive, Versatile, Capable

Our primary practice area focuses include:

  • Defending against Abusive ADA Drive-By Lawsuits, ADA website defense, Service Dog and Service Animal ADA claims.  These lawsuits, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and California Unruh Act are variation of accessibility lawsuits.  We have defended owners and businesses over 600 times and we believe we are one of the largest, if not the largest ADA defense lawfirms.  We have defendend and resoved cases, usually within a few weeks of being retained against such frequrent Plaintiffs including Jose Colon, aka Jose Velez, aka Jose Velez-Colon (files in pro per), Teresa Brooke (hotel pool lift ADA lawsuits), Oscar Flores, John Ho, Scott Johnson, Roberta La Fleur, Shirley Lindsay, Anthony Navarro, Carmen Perri, Jose Reyes, James Rutherford, United African Asian Abilities Club (apartment ADA lawsuits), Martin Vogel, Matthew Verdiglione, James Zarian (industrial property ADA lawsuits), Samuel Zarian (industrial property ADA lawsuits), Patricia Filardi, Gabriela Cabrera, Donna Dugo (hotel website ADA lawsuits), Poupak Barekat (hotel website ADA lawsuits), Abacuc, Abacus Hereas (hotel ADA lawsuits), Perla Mageno (Website lawsuits), Lorenzo Martinez (blind or visually impaired ADA lawsuits).  Law Firms and Lawyers filing these type of cases for ADA Plaintiffs include: The Center for Disability Access, Disabled Advocacy Group, Ray Ballister, Mark Potter, Phil Grace, Ross Cornell, Michael Taibi, Christopher Monge, Scott Lynn J. Hubbard IV, Morse Mehrban (restaurant, bathroom mirror ADA lawsuits, hotel meeting room listing device hearing aid ADA lawsuits), Pamela Tsao, aka Pam Tsao, Ascension Law Group, Ted Shin, Metz and Harrison, Jason Yoon, Sung T. Kim, Joseph R. Manning Jr. (business, website ADA lawsuits and hotel website ADA lawsuits), Michael J. Manning (business, website ADA lawsuits and hotel website ADA lawsuits), Craig Cote (business, website ADA lawsuits and hotel website ADA lawsuits), Babak Hashemi, Jong Yun Kim, Peter Kristofer Strojnik (Swimming Pool lift ADA and Hotel ADA lawsuits), aka Peter Strojnik, David C. Wakefield (Apartment ADA lawsuits), Scott J. Ferrell, Kevin Hong, Dennis Price, Advanced Disability Advocates, So. Cal. Equal Access Group, John Y. Kim, Faud Haghighi, Eric G. Calhoun (blind and visually impaired ADA lawsuits), Eric Calhoun, Calhoun & Associates (blind and visually impaired ADA Lawsuits, Marty J. Nicholson (blind and visually impaired ADA Lawsuits), Marty Nicholson, Nada Higuera. These Lawuits have been recently investigated as Drive-By ADA Lawsuits in a 60 Minutes CBS News with Anderson Cooper. See our ADA Lawsuit link for more information.
  • Business law and business litigation, legal services that can form your corporation, strengthen its operation with contracts and resolve disputes against it in court.  We
  • Business Transactional Services, Pass-Through Entities, in light of the new tax laws, including Limited Libility Companies (LLC), Sub-Chapter S Corporations, and Partnerships. See latest on new tax law from Senant and House reconciliation, including the full text of the new tax bill as of December 15, 2017. Click Here.
  • Personal injury, protecting the rights of persons seriously injured in accidents caused by negligence
  • Real estate, full-service assistance for clients with residential and commercial transactional goals, and those involved in real estate disputes, co-owner disputes, partition actions, commercial leases, and more.
  • Entertainment law, offering services that address every legal need of the film and music creative community.

At The Karlin Law Firm, we recognize the importance of establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. We want you to succeed in your business ventures and profit from the practical, lasting solutions that we recommend for your legal issues. Through open communication, exceptional personal attention and the highest level of professionalism, we work hard to help you accomplish your goals.

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The Karlin Law Firm LLP serves clients statewide and nationally with offices conveniently located in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego, and now Fresno and the Bay Area.