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Plaintiffs filing ADA lawsuits include Jose Colon, aka Jose Velez, aka Jose Velez-Colon (files in pro per), Estela J. Ramos (files in pro per), Teresa Brooke (hotel pool lift ADA lawsuits), Oscar Flores, John Ho, Scott Johnson, Adam Ghadiri (files in pro per and also uses ADA plaintiffs lawyers), Tito Vasquez and Ruben Paul Gonzales aka Ruben Gonzales represented by Joseph Bakhos, Roberta La Fleur, Shirley Lindsay, Anthony Navarro, Carmen Perri, Jose Reyes, James Rutherford, United African Asian Abilities Club (apartment ADA lawsuits), Martin Vogel, Matthew Verdiglione, James Zarian (industrial property ADA lawsuits), Samuel Zarian (industrial property ADA lawsuits), Patricia Filardi, Gabriela Cabrera, Donna Dugo (hotel website ADA lawsuits), Poupak Barekat (hotel website ADA lawsuits), Abacus Hereas (hotel ADA lawsuits). Jeff Jinkins, Damian Minna, Juan Garibay, Iviena Newkirk, David Hester, Rory Chavez, Ronald St. Pierre aka Ronald Saint Pierre, Jin Lee, James Farr (website lawsuits), Brett Deslavo (website lawsuits), Douglas Powers, Louis Thomas Morrow, Sunderland Lyle Morrow, Barbara Phelp, Anthony Ernst, Elizabeth Ernst, Robert Elguezabal, Chantel Contreras, Robert Getz, Debra Turgeon, Shyann Courage, Jose Daniel Castillo-Antonio, Richard Sepulveda, Michael Smith, Brenda Core, Daniel Lopez, Robert Cauley, Terry Hubbard, Cynthia Hopson, Meryl Pomponio, Michael Hanson, Fernando Gastelum, Virgil M. Lorenzo, David B. Ketroser, Janie Collins, Hendrick Block, Carol Murray, Sonia Guerra, Cameron Shaw, Andrew Galpern, Jesus Torres, Irving Griffin, Sue Agustin, Eduardo Deras-Nava, Cindy Kravs, Michael Rhambo, Jeremy Holland, Columbus Grisby, Paul Madrid, Anne E. Menasche, Ben Conway, Louis Do (website ADA lawsuits), Rusty Rendon (website ADA lawsuits), Robert J. Kulick, Andres Gomez (hotel website ADA lawsuits), Byron Chapman, Daniel Trippeidi, Gwendolyn Clouser aka Wendy Clouser, Travis Morgan, Malina Gomez, James Llewllyn, Martha Kimes, Scott Lissberger, John Meggs, Lee Manuel Weilch, Mister Bailey, Edmond Neal, Larry Dunn, Gabriel Dorsey, Roosevelt Canton, Jacob Bonczyk, Ruthee Goldkorn, Andrew Baracco, Julian Vargas, Anne West, Marva Samuel , Vern Robert Theroux, Christopher Soldan, Kayla Ryan, Cheryl Freeman, Glenn M. Goffin, James Privette, Shaunte Jones, Xandra Kahre (website letters), Kimberly Frazier, Marcia Gayle, Oziel Sawyer III, Abacuc Heras, Alexander Motlagh, Steve Frye, George St. George, Francisca Moralez, Brenda Pickern, Adelfo Cerame, Jr., Teresa Chavez-Crone, Jose Daniel Castillo-Antonio, Bryan Estrada, Jaime Ranberg, Jimmy Varriano, Ruben Paul Gonzales, Gevork Dzhngozyan, Joseph S. Quigg, James Lee, Guri Gonzalez, Po Tang (hotel website ADA lawsuits), George Avalos, Sue Gaspar, Sheila Biglang-Awa aka Sheila Biglang Awa (website lawsuits), Jose Casillas (website lawsuits), Eleanor Burke, Gabriela Cabrera, Robert Aaron McKissick, Jessie James IV, Anna Marie Wiggins, Bruce Begg and Sonny Hernandez. Justin Zeller, John Gurrieri filing website lawsuits in New York. Thomas W. Kohler, Jonathan A. Stieglitz. Additional attorneys include David Paul Force of Stein Saks, PLLC, in New Jersey and files lawsuits in New York. David Force represents plaintiffs Mary West, Pamela Williams, Frances Kalender, Joseph Guglielmo, Yaseen Traynor and Valentin Reid. Dan Shaked represents Linda Slade in the Southern District of New York. 

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Companies that have a presence online may be vulnerable to lawsuits if their websites are not compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. California businesses,

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