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Pacific Trial Attorneys is located in Newport Beach, California. They are one of the largest filers of website ADA lawsuits in California. They typically will send out a letter demand prior to filing their lawsuit. If you receive a letter demand, note that they likely will be filing a lawsuit within a few weeks if they do not receive a response. They file lawsuits against businesses over technical violations the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Unruh Act on business’ website related to using the website with a screen reader. Pacific Trial Attorneys are also known for filing lawsuits for violations of Business and Professions Code 17600, which restricts the terms of use of automatic subscription payments on websites.


Address: 4100 Newport Place, Suite 800, Newport Beach, CA 92660 USA

Phone: (949) 706-6464

Attorneys: Scott Farrell, Dave Reid

Known Plaintiffs: Rusty Rendon, Drew Hunthausen, Roy Rios, Walter Mitchell, Luis Licea, Brittney Mejico, Anita Ogletree, Ismael Herrera, Dominick Martin

Sample ADA Lawsuit and Demand 

Sample Business Code 17600 Demand Letter

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