The Leading Law Firm In The Nation For ADA Legal Defense


So. Cal Equal Access Group is located in Los Angeles County. They file physical access barrier ADA lawsuits throughout Los Angeles County. Typically they sue small businesses and property owners over minor technical errors related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Unruh Act, and the California Building Code in their parking lots.

Attorneys: Jason Kim & Jason Yoon

Known Plaintiffs: Leemanuel Weilch, Mister Bailey, Robert Cauley, Deondre Raglin, Colton Bryant, Kimberly Frazier, Ana Ventura, Edmond Neal, Sam Benford, Melanie Delapaz, Korttney Elliot, Hee Soon Park, Latanya Williams, Luz Zendejas, Michael Rhambo, Kee Sook Ahn, Roy Yuin, In Sun Kil, Ignacio Vera, Young Lee, Larry Dunn, Joshua Cuevas, Gabriel Dorsey, Jeremy Holland