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Tip: What To Do If You’re Injured in an Auto Accident

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2014 | Uncategorized |

If you are injured in an automobile accident and the other driver is at fault, the amount of compensation you recover usually depends on the strength of the evidence that is preserved.

Here are a few tips to help preserve the evidence:

1) Take photos, either at the scene, or prior to the repair of your vehicle. The more significant the impact, the stronger the case. Make sure that the photos clearly show all the damage. Be sure to take photos of both your vehicle and the other vehicles that were involved in the accident.

2) If you are injured, do not put off seeing a doctor. On your first visit to the doctor and/or urgent care, report all injuries and problems you have, even if you believe some injuries may be minor. Sometimes the minor problems are the ones that take a long time to heal.

3) Go to your follow up visits with your doctors. Not only does this aid you on your path to physical recovery, it also creates a consistent record of your injuries.

4) See the appropriate medical providers. Although your insurance may not like spending money to provide the appropriate treatment, it is best for your health and to document your injuries if you see the specialists which may help in your recovery. If your medical insurance or “gate keeper” doctor is preventing you from getting physical therapy or seeing specialists, call your attorney immediately.
The sooner you see an attorney, the better. Your attorney will help guide you through the process and help preserve the evidence to make you the strongest case possible.

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