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What Website ADA compliance means for your small business

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | ADA |

The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) protects the rights persons with disablities. The ADA requires both small amd large businesses make certain modifications for disabled individuals who come to their business, as well as accommodating the some of the needs of disabled individuals who work there. It can be a complex matter to determine whether or not your business is in compliance with the ADA.

According to some advacacy groups, representing the blind and other disabled persons,  may require the business accommodate the needs of those with certain disabilities by modifying its website.   If a website needs to be modified to assist the blind and other persons with disablities is often uncertain, and compliance is a complex and difficult issue for small businesses, in part because there are no clear standards and the few guidlines that do exist have not been adoped by the government, and the implimentation of the these guidlines is often unclear.  It may be in your interests to seek guidance regarding these matters.

Any reference to what the ADA requires set forth below –  

Website adjustments for disabled visitors

According to the ADA, websites should be accommodating for visitors, much like physical locations of businesses must be. You may be wondering what this actually means for your company and your website. If you need to bring your site up to the appropriate standards, it may be helpful to consider the following:

  • It might be beneficial work with a programmer or a website developer who can assist you.
  • A complete audit of your site may help you understand the specific adjustments you need to make and how you can proceed.
  • Make a list of the specific things you need to do to allow your site to be accessible to those with hearing or visual impairments.

Staying up-to-date on standards that you need to meet according to the ADA is not easy. It can be frustrating and expensive, and you may even face legal action as a result of lack of accommodations. Many small businesses find it beneficial to work with an experienced attorney in order to both avoid litigation over ADA-related issues and to deal with issues that do arise in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Protecting your business starts now

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of avoiding legal complications that can cost your business time and money. ADA compliance is an easily misunderstand and complex issue that you do not have to deal with on your own. You will find it beneficial to work with a legal professional from the very beginning of this process in order to fully understand how to move forward with adjustments you need to make to your website.