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How to create websites that comply with ADA rules

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2020 | ADA |

Companies in California are generally required to comply with the terms of the Americans with Disabilities Act. While most people know that it applies to most physical locations such as restaurants or grocery stores, its rules can also be applied to websites depending on the type of website.   When applied to the particular website, depending on the rulings of the Court’s in each jurisdiction, this means that those who are blind or have hearing issues the website might have to be modified to accommodate screen readers that can read what is on the website, or provide subtitles for video.  to make the website comply with the ADA Businesses are encouraged to work with web developers who have experience integrating text readers or other special tools into a site’s overall design.  However, most web developers do not know what the Courts and the Department of Justice are saying and only know part of what might need to be done.  In effect, there are technical issues and legal issues and the business will need the assistance of a law firm that understands both.  Web developers are not enough. It has to be a team approach.

Taking these steps could make it easier to provide a quality experience for customers and minimize the likelihood of ADA website lawsuits being filed.   The very few Lawyers who have experience with ADA website lawsuits and ADA website compliance issues will be able to help companies take proactive steps to avoid lawsuits.