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Ticketmaster sued for ADA compliance violations with its app

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | ADA |

In California and throughout the United States, businesses can be confused as to what they must do to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act. For business owners like you who are trying to ensure all customers have a positive experience, it can be problematic if there is a complaint that you have failed to comply with the ADA. Lawsuits regarding alleged violations can hinder your company, its profitability, and its ability to remain viable.

Ticketmaster is facing a lawsuit because a woman claims that its mobile app violates the ADA. Having suffered from blindness for nearly a decade, she says that she regularly uses the web for purchases. According to her, Ticketmaster’s app has “digital barriers” preventing her from using it. The business sells tickets for various events. On its site are discounts and promotions. The woman wants access to these, but the barriers allegedly prevent that.

Her lawsuit states that this has negatively impacted her life. She wants the same opportunity to use the site through the app as people without disabilities have. Ticketmaster is asked to create modifications for the app so people who are visually impaired or blind can use it. She says she will check the app and try to use it to see if it has been updated with software that enhances her experience. She will buy tickets to events that interest her once current societal restrictions are removed.

A business that uses an app to sell its products and services undoubtedly strives to follow the ADA and help everyone to use it effectively. However, many claims of ADA violations lack legal foundation. The absence of standards for ADA claims against apps can be the basis for a legal defense against lawsuits. Businesses that are seeking to expand by using an app or already have an app could suddenly face a claim that they are out of ADA compliance. If this happens, it can be a challenge for you to defend against. Understanding the ADA in the context of apps could prevent complaints from being made and could be beneficial when you and your attorney are defending against them.