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Why companies should create accessible websites

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | ADA |

United States businesses large, small, and tiny may find that it is in their best interests to create websites that are accessible to all. This can increase business, but it can also help avoid the avalanche of lawsuits now being filed against websites which a growing number of law firms are claiming are not ADA compliant, in part because they claim the blind people who use “screen readers” to vocalize what is on a website have difficulty with some websites which cause their screen readers problems.

We can provide a free test of your website for compliance WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 compliance, and we can assist in preventing an ADA Lawsuit which could be filed against your Website. Webmasters and Web Developers may know part of what to do, but they do not know what the Courts and the Department of Justice are saying needs to be done. We will walk you and your webmaster through what needs to be addressed, often cutting the webmaster’s time in half.  Put another way, webmasters often see the project as two to three times bigger than it needs to be, and even then, they do not know techniques that will assist in avoiding future lawsuits. We have experience and are aware of what typical plaintiffs are looking for and can provide the needed guidance to significantly lower the risk of other claims.

We can advise on other inexpensive “add-ons,” proper “accessibility statements” (most statements used today in our view are ineffective – see our discussion at, and on “communication alternatives.” Each of these items can be overlooked by web developers since they often require legal interpretation as it may relate to the particular business website.

Companies that have questions about their obligations to provide websites that are accessible to all may want to discuss those concerns with an attorney. An attorney who has experience with ADA compliance law issues may also be able to help a company that is facing related legal action.