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ADA compliance includes websites

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | ADA |

Most business owners know that the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, comes with some requirements. Businesses must make sure that their goods and services are equally available to people with disabilities. However, many business owners may not be aware that this includes having an ADA-compliant website.

When a business owner thinks about ADA compliance law, they must think about all kinds of disabilities. Closed captions may be necessary to help someone hearing impaired understand a video. A person with blindness may need an audio text reader so that they can hear written web content. Mobility impairments including hand dexterity can also prevent someone from using a website in a normal way. A business operator should keep all of these factors in mind as they create their website.

One helpful way for a business to comply with the ADA is to create a page that instructs people on how to access the site. A page of the website can be devoted to explaining accessibility features like how to increase font sizes, access captions on a video, use navigation tools and utilize other accessibility features. Creating the web page helps the business owner think through the kinds of features that the website might need. It adds to ADA compliance by further helping individuals with impairments to fully use the features of the site.

A website can be an integral part of a business. A business website not only helps an individual to shop for products and services but also to fully use a product or service after they purchase it. ADA compliance is a critical part of any business. Legal help may ensure that a business stays ADA compliant with its website and all of its business operations.