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Free Accessibility Plug-ins May Create Problems

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | ADA |

Small business owners who have a website and live California as well as other areas in the country should be aware of this information. As websites need to be ADA compliant, a whole new set of problems has arisen with the introduction of free accessibility plug-ins.

According to Small Business Trends, in a 2018 ruling, the Justice Department ruled that businesses need to be ADA compliant with their websites as well as inside brick-and-mortar stores.

A recent ruling came down from the Supreme Court upon Domino’s Pizza for the use of an app for ordering; it cannot be used by blind pizza-lovers. Activists for disabilities are increasingly sending letters to smaller businesses that don’t comply with ADA requirements on their websites. Every business website owner should be aware of this.

Some small business owners add free plug-ins to solve the accessibility issue. They give a false sense of security to the business owner who has downloaded the plug-in and added it to their website. These free plugins are riddled with failings, and it has been reported that they only make things worse. Instead, they leave website owners wide open to costly lawsuits, by claiming to address accessibility.

If a website is maintained for a business, it should be ADA compliant. That is the law. Business owners who sell online and are being questioned by the public or ADA activists may want to consult with a lawyer regarding their website. Taking advantage of free plug-ins may create further problems while trying to resolve accessibility issues.

Knowing more about what is required, how to address it and how to avoid costly litigation is made easier with the right lawyers, versed in ADA website lawsuits; an attorney may be the right choice for those being attacked as having a website not up to the standards. Some of these claims might be abusive and bogus.