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New tools for ADA compliance

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | ADA |

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed 30 years ago in July of 1990. It guarantees important protections and non-discrimination measures for people who live with disabilities. As time has gone on, the issues affecting people with disabilities have evolved. One of the most prominent areas where this is evident is in technology. Everyone in California should be aware of how ADA compliance law affects internet-based businesses.

In recent years, more people are doing their errands online. Internet marketplaces have made it easy for people to shop for their households without ever leaving the house. This is great news, but for millions of visually impaired people, it has been difficult to harness the power of the internet. Social media, too, has opened whole new worlds to people online, but access is not always equal. Luckily, there are rules about accessibility online.

New technologies are making it more possible for the visually impaired to use websites and apps with ease like everyone else. In spite of these improvements in accessibility, there are still some people who pursue spurious lawsuits against websites that operate in good faith. When this kind of situation arises, it may be important to have an experienced lawyer on the case. Business owners deserve representation when they’re targeted by operators seeking to exploit ADA compliance law.