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Some guidance for ADA compliance

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Business Law |

Business and property owners in California might want to be aware of some of the ADA guidelines that are aimed at small businesses. The ADA has given some specs that should be considered in the design and building of a business as well as providing added options.

According to the ADA, counters must be accessible and able to be reached so that goods and services can be easily provided by the business. A separate counter could be provided if one has already been built.

There should also be accessible checkout aisles. Services that provide food, such as restaurants, and have patrons served there, must have the bar or counter at an accessible level.

It might be worth the time for a business to become familiar with the ADA guidelines to ensure that there are no issues and that they meet the requirements of the law. Strip malls and large shopping complexes will want to be familiar with the law to be sure of compliance.

Restaurants and those businesses that make some of their income from serving food or drink might want to especially be aware of the requirements and the satisfaction of their return customers. Knowing a bit about the requirements will put a business at ease to concentrate on service and the offerings to customers.

Businesses that are hit with non-compliance lawsuits regarding their accessibility requirements might want to contact a knowledgeable law firm that is versed in defense of ADA compliance. Lawsuits that are made by people who are not even customers of a business are known as “drive-by lawsuits.” They target a business, such as an indoor or outdoor shopping mall, retail store or other small business, and an attorney who knows ADA code and compliance can be especially helpful in this case.