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The benefits of ADA compliance

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2020 | ADA |

In July 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law. It was designed to prevent discrimination against people who are disabled and mandated that they have access to any place of public accommodation by 1992. Complying with the ADA meant that hotels, stadiums and businesses in California had to take steps such as refurbishing bathrooms and modifying elevators. When the ADA passed, a representative of architectural firm Evan Terry Associates decided that he would teach himself and others how to comply with it.

The man found that many company owners were hesitant to change their ways despite the fact that complying with the ADA made sense from a business perspective. It can also improve the lives of those who previously had to rely on others for assistance. One woman said that her blind son was able to live a more independent life after a bank chose to start printing statements in braille. This led to the entire family moving their personal and business accounts to that financial institution.

In some cases, taking steps to comply with ADA regulations can lead to tax breaks or other financial benefits in addition to attracting new customers. Companies are also encouraged to review their employment practices to determine if they are in compliance with ADA or other applicable laws.

Those who aren’t sure if they are in compliance with existing ADA regulations might want to consult with someone who understands ADA compliance law matters. A legal professional may be able to help online retailers, hotel operators and other entities avoid lawsuits or other negative consequences. If a company is sued by a person who claims that he or she was discriminated against, an attorney might help that organization negotiate a favorable plea deal outside of court.