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When should you renovate your business to make it ADA compliant?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2020 | ADA |

While new buildings in California are typically built to be ADA compliant, older buildings might not be compliant with ADA standards. As a result, individuals who renovate old buildings might find that they’re required to make some upgrades. Commercial buildings are required to meet ADA standards to make them accessible for people with disabilities. If the building isn’t upgraded, the owners might be hit with lawsuits in the future.

How much of the building needs to be upgraded?

Renovations don’t necessarily mean that every part of the building has to be upgraded; businesses are typically required to spend only 20% of their budget to make sure the building is compatible with ADA compliance law. However, the business should still be sure to remove as many barriers as possible to keep themselves from being vulnerable to lawsuits.

While renovations are typically the “trigger” for older buildings to be updated, business owners should be regularly updating their location to keep it compliant with ADA laws. The renovations don’t necessarily have to be completed all at once, but the business owners should be steadily working toward a more accessible building. In certain cases, the building might be allowed to stay open during the remodeling. Renovations might include adding wheelchair ramps, widening door frames, and rearranging furniture to create more space in the building.

What to do in the case of an ADA lawsuit

A business owner faced with an ADA-related lawsuit might be interested in speaking with a defense lawyer. A defense lawyer may be able to help them assess the situation to decide if any wrongdoing has occurred and figure out how to proceed in court. A defense lawyer might be able to negotiate a lower settlement and help their client resolve the case as quickly and efficiently as possible.