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Frequent suits by ADA plaintiff stopped by judge

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | ADA |

Residents and businesses in California may be interested in reading this article about how a judge has ruled against three lawsuits filed by a former disbarred lawyer for supposed ADA violations. These were against three Peninsula hotels, The Nest, Four Seasons and Hilton Garden Inn.

According to the DailyPost, Peter Strojnik was disbarred in Arizona for filing too many ADA complaint lawsuits, sometimes under dubious circumstances. One of his complaints was that the door lock was too high, and the water temperature was not right. His lawsuit was filed in June and was thrown out the next day by the judge.

The judge ruled that he must prove that he was harmed by the violations or that if the ruling was in his favor, good would come of it. Mr. Strojnik is known for his lawsuits to convince the defendants to settle and pay him attorney fees of up to $5,000.

California has been keeping an eye on him, as he is known to hire people on Craigslist to do the research on those businesses he intends to sue. Sometimes he does not even visit or spends minimal time at the business or hotel he is suing.

ADA compliance Law is very complex and has often been abused, such as in the case mentioned. Property owners and businesses should know about compliance before they are cited for a violation. On the other hand, they should be aware that a claim against them might be abusive. If there is any question regarding compliance and litigation, a law firm versed in the laws of ADA compliance might be a good ally. With some people out there looking to extort money from businesses, an experienced law firm may be the right answer to attain the most favorable outcome.