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Websites become target of ADA compliance

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | ADA |

Residents of Orange County and other areas of California may be interested in learning more about an abundance of ADA lawsuits over website compliance. Legal cases claiming that websites had violations totaled 1,053 in the first six months of 2018; it was evidence that ADA lawsuits of this type were increasing. At that point, they were up 90% from 2017.

Rules for compliance neglected

According to media reports, the Trump Administration’s failure to stop drafting rules for website ADA compliance is the reason for the surge of legal action. Advocates for people who are disabled claim that websites need to be more accessible considering the array of job postings, sales and reservations delivered online.

Some guidelines

For a person who is disabled to access a website, it must have coding that allows screen-reading software to convert written words to a translation in audio. Videos must include descriptions that make them available to those who may not hear. For those who cannot use a mouse to navigate, all interactive functions must be operable by voice commands.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines help businesses meet compliance. Small businesses, which may have numerous videos and images on their websites, need to access and follow these guidelines. Government sites adhere to these recommendations.

California leads in ADA lawsuits

One industry analysis has shown that California is a leader in ADA lawsuits. Laws in California set a $4,000 minimum amount for damages plus attorney’s fees for each ADA violation. This makes suing in California quite lucrative.

Kmart, Hugo Boss, David’s Bridal and CVS Pharmacies were in court due to ADA compliance in lawsuits filed by a plaintiff in Montana. A law firm in Newport Beach was representing her, and a settlement was reached with CVS although the details are not known.

If your business has become the target of an ADA lawsuit for website accessibility or for another reason, it might be wise to consult an experienced attorney in ADA compliance law. A legal professional may explain your options and help you understand your rights and responsibilities.