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Could an attorney assist with ADA web development?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2021 | ADA |

Not all Americans with Disabilities Act violation claims are necessarily valid, and California companies facing ADA-related challenges might be able to defend a lawsuit. Businesses and property owners who follow ADA compliance rules could avoid civil actions or present a valid defense. Some enterprises understand the importance of ensuring a doorway fits regulatory compliance rules, but they might not develop a complaint-free website. Such a mistake might occur when hiring an inexperienced service to handle website development.

ADA website compliance concerns and solutions

A business owner or property manager might choose to hire a web developer to create a website that takes ADA compliance complaints into consideration. On the surface, the decision seems sound since the client might believe the web developer has no reason to create a problematic website. Motivations and corner-cutting may not be the issues, though. The developer might lack the necessary knowledge and experience to produce an appropriate result.

Perhaps hiring an attorney to manage the web development process could lead to a preferable outcome. An attorney might do much more than serving as a “go-between.” A legal professional may provide the guidance to assist with arriving at an appropriate finished website.

Legal challenge controversies

One issue that could prove tremendously concerning is the lack of federal statutes establishing rules for website development. ADA compliance on doors details a width opening requirement of 32 inches for example. No such rules exist for website development. The lack of regulations might leave questions about non-compliance to a jury. Someone may file a lawsuit, possibly hoping a jury interprets things his or her way. Defendants in such cases may opt to settle to avoid the potential consequences of a jury trial.

Hiring an attorney to work with a website developer could tap into a legal professional’s insights. A lawyer could be familiar with the troubles that plagued defendants in website and app development suits.