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Designing your business space to be ADA compliant

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2021 | ADA |

Federal lawmakers enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990. Legislators drafted this law to provide disabled individuals with equal access to opportunities afforded to everyone else. This law applies to both physical and virtual spaces.

There are measures that business owners can take to ensure that both their websites and physical space adequately accommodate their disabled employees, customers and guests.

Who must comply with ADA?

Whether they’re municipal, county, state or federal, all government agencies must abide by ADA regulations. All public companies must also do so. Private companies and public-facing nonprofits that have 15 or more workers on staff must be in compliance

What can your business do to enhance its accessibility and ensure ADA compliance?

One approach that you can use to ensure your facility or grounds are accessible to disabled individuals is to take time to draw out a floor plan design. You’ll then want to review ADA height, width, materials use and any other design requirements to ensure that your layout adheres to the law. You’ll want to create an action plan for addressing anything that doesn’t.

Another strategy that you might find helpful is to have an ADA compliance consultant review your plan.  You may also want to invite individuals with different disabilities to give their feedback on your plan. They may be able to point out different touches that you could add to make them feel more welcome in your space. Remember that you should aim to have your indoor space be just as accommodating as your outdoor one.

Where to turn for guidance on all things ADA

It can be challenging knowing whom to consult with for reliable ADA compliance guidance. It can be a costly mistake to make a misstep or ignore this federal law, though. An experienced attorney can help you comply with it so that you’re not unnecessarily exposing yourself to legal liability.