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Is your company’s website in violation of the ADA?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | ADA |

If someone wants to plan their California vacation using your travel reservation website, it’s imperative to ensure that your website can successfully accommodate people with disabilities. Here’s a closer look at why some companies are getting hit with lawsuits and how your business can avoid being one of them.

Why are many travel companies getting hit with lawsuits?

Most business owners don’t intentionally discriminate against people with disabilities. However, many disabled individuals notice that certain website reservation systems aren’t possible for them to use.

Many of the world’s most popular travel websites utilize reservation systems to make things easier for their visitors. Unfortunately, some people with disabilities can’t make reservations or learn if lodging has handicap-accessible features. If a disabled person can’t get this information, it’s a violation of ADA law.

What to do to avoid ADA-related lawsuits

Even if your company isn’t affected by website reservation system lawsuits, this could change in the future if a customer or potential customer has restricted access because of their disability. The best thing to do is check if your website is guilty of any ADA-related violations. If you find anything that’s not compliant with ADA law, resolve these matters right away.

In addition, remember that ADA violations don’t only have to do with your company’s website reservation system. Take this time to perform a deep investigation and ensure that you’re not guilty of other ADA violations.

You don’t want to be another travel company in legal trouble due to violations committed under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If your company’s reservation system isn’t suitable for people with disabilities, it’s vital to resolve this situation right away.