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Tips to help your company avoid an ADA lawsuit over a website

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2022 | ADA |

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) helps protect those with disabling medical conditions.  The ADA imposes certain obligations on businesses that are open to the public to be accessible to persons with disabilities. Although many businesses focus on physical compliance by ensuring that people can access their buildings or use their public bathrooms, many ADA complaints are now focused on the businesses’ websites, particularly on the website’s ability to interface with a blind person who is using a website screen reader to read out loud the content of a website.

How can you ensure that your website does not put your business in violation of the ADA?

Invest in an accessible website design

Those with visual impairments will use specialized devices to read the internet to them. Those with certain kinds of photosensitivity may react adversely to flashing images on a website.

Many companies facing ADA lawsuits have not taken proper steps to make their websites accessible to those with visual impairments. The more careful you are to consider those with disabilities when planning your business, designing its facilities, and building a website, the less likely you are to run afoul of the ADA.

Provide alternate options for website offers

Recognizing risk factors for ADA-based website lawsuits can help you better serve all of your customers and avoid violating this law.

The Karlin Law Firm has developed a unique and proprietary system to significantly increase the accessibility of a website and as a result, significantly reduce the chance of an ADA website claim.  Website owners should not just rely of what their web developers think needs to be done, as this tech team will almost always focus on “guidelines” published by WCAB, either 2.0 or 2.1.  However, “guidelines” are just that, they are subject to interpretation. The tech team are not attorneys. It’s an ADA-knowledgeable attorney that should lead the team, with the tech folks an important part of the team.