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3 key points for ADA compliance in restaurants

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | ADA |

The Americans with Disabilities Act sets standards to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy life in the United States. It outlines specific requirements for businesses that are open to the general public. Businesses must ensure they comply with these requirements so they don’t face legal action against them.

Being ADA-compliant also means that your restaurant can cater to anyone who wants to enjoy your cuisine. 

1. Parking lot compliance

If a restaurant provides at least one parking space, in most cases, but not all, the restaurant’s parking lot must have at least one spot that’s 8 feet wide so an accessible van can fit. The spaces must be level and there must be a clear way to get into the restaurant. Doors should be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. 

2. Dining area compliance

At least 5% of tabletops must be accessible for wheelchairs. Tables must be between 28 and 34 inches high to allow people in a wheelchair to eat comfortably. There must be at least 27 inches from the bottom of the table to the floor, and the knee space’s depth must be 19 inches or more. The aisles in the dining area must be wide enough for wheelchairs. 

3. Signage compliance

Signs that assist people who are visually impaired must be posted. These should have Braille markings so the individuals who can’t see typical signage can still get the information. Door signs, such as those for the restrooms must be placed in appropriate locations so people in wheelchairs and those with other disabilities can see them.

It’s best to get compliance in order right away so you can avoid legal claims against your restaurant. If a claim is made, you need someone who can provide you with information about your options for answering it.