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How do you make a website ADA-compliant? 3 tips

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2023 | ADA |

A lot goes into running a business. Making sure that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines are followed at your business is one of the responsibilities businesses must take to follow local, state and federal compliance regulations. One such thing that a company may need to fulfill is making sure their website complies with ADA regulations. 

How does a business website become ADA-compliant? A lot of websites and services follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to make content accessible to people with disabilities. 

The main thing businesses may need to be aware of is how their website design can make it difficult for people with disabilities to access the business’s information. Here are several factors that can make a website more compliant:

1. Content is easy to view

A business’s website should be easy to view by anyone, especially for people with disabilities. This may involve giving alternative text, making text distinctly a different color than the background or giving the option to make text larger. This also may also mean providing captions for videos for the hearing impaired. Businesses may also need to provide text for images. 

2. The website is easy to operate

The website may also need to be easy to use. A website may need to avoid using confusing titles, instructions or buttons. If a user is doing something wrong on a website, then there may need to be an indication that there is something wrong and how the issue can be resolved. 

3. Different browsers can be used

A business’s website may also need to be accessible through different web services. Different users may utilize assistive technology that makes browsing the internet easier for people with disabilities. 

Business owners may need to be aware of their responsibilities and rights when conforming to ADA guidelines. If faced with allegations that your business is in violation of the ADA, it may be time to seek legal guidance.