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Cellphones Kill And Cause Major Injuries – Retaining The Best Lawyers When A Distracted Driver Causes A Major Auto Accident

Prohibitions against cellphone use while driving are the rule of the road in California. Violations of this law often translate to serious distracted driving accidents that change and end innocent lives in seconds.

If a distracted driver has struck and injured you or a loved one, you and your loved ones have rights that must be protected – starting today.

The experienced, compassionate personal injury attorneys at Karlin Law Firm LLP safeguard those interests for injured clients every day, and have been doing so for more than 35 years.

We can work as a team to gather evidence at the scene of a distracted driving accident, interview witnesses, pursue inspections of a negligent party’s mobile devices and generally advocate for you at every stage of the legal process. Our in-depth investigations, fact-based negotiations with insurance companies and forceful litigation against them in court are major reasons for our track record of success with personal injury claims.

Were You Seriously Injured In A Texting While Driving Accident? Karlin Law Firm LLP‘s Lawyers Can Help

Many distracted driving mishaps are rear-end collisions caused by inattentive motorists distracted by cellphones. If this situation describes yours, and you are fighting to survive lost income and medical bills, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to contact us immediately for a free initial consultation.

Our law offices are available by phone and by email. If your injuries have confined you to your home or hospital room, we can arrange to visit with you there. Our contingency fee policy frees you of responsibility for attorney fees unless we win your case. With offices conveniently located in San Jose, Tustin, La Jolla and Los Angeles, we service Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County.