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California residents should avoid these real estate mistakes

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2016 | Real Estate Transactions |

Many people believe that they can make it rich with real estate, and it is possible, but it may be harder than expected. If a person has decided to make money buying and selling this type of property, it’s important to avoid making several mistakes. Some common errors are failing to understand how hard it is to find a bargain or where to look to find good deals and paying too much for a property.

Numerous books and TV shows about buying and selling real estate give people the impression that it’s as simple as finding a home in bad shape and buying it for well under market value. However, it is very difficult to find great deals, especially if you’re just looking in the newspaper since there’s a lot of competition. Locating great deals involves becoming familiar with an area and doing a lot of research.

In addition to the difficulty of finding a good property that is worth the time and money, it can also be a challenge to know how much to pay for real estate. Individuals who are not familiar with the local market may easily find themselves paying too much for a property, making it difficult or impossible to break even or make a profit.

It is also very important to understand the laws related to buying and selling real estate as well as any tax implications, and that is where the advice of counsel can be important. A real estate attorney can assist in determining if there is a need to obtain a zoning variance as well helping to ensure that there are no title defects.