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Real estate innovation for the commercial industry

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Commercial Real Estate |

The time that real estate professional spend at their desk can impede productivity and profitability. California brokers and agents can benefit from software advances that allow them to streamline their activities. For example, programs that update listings across numerous websites can save time that would otherwise be necessary for making independent updates on each site listing the same property. This type of innovation was extensive more than a decade ago as the needs of consumers were met through companies such as Zillow. Commercial companies have followed suit, creating mobile solutions for agents and owners.

Today’s greatest challenges may be providing for mobile solutions that allow those involved in commercial real estate such as office buildings and apartment complexes to spend less time in the office and more time engaged in showing properties, completing sales, and interacting with owners, buyers, and renters. Apps can simplify these needs by providing methods for uploading or accessing documents. These activities once required a trip back to the office, where documents needed to be generated and signed, a process that could take hours.

Those focused on innovation related to tech and real estate can face some challenges in their businesses. One of the most significant issues is the need for flexibility and risk taking, which can be difficult to achieve in structured corporate settings. However, those with the ability to innovate tend to be those that make the greatest breakthroughs in terms of creating solutions that are the most beneficial to their industries.

People who are just beginning to explore their options in commercial real estate might take advantage of existing software, especially apps for their smartphones, to monitor investment opportunities. Additionally, it might be helpful to discuss one’s business goals in the industry with an attorney who is experienced in dealing with various aspects of commercial real estate.