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Experienced and novice real estate investors can turn profits

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Commercial Real Estate |

California real estate investors and regular savers may be able to help each other out by avoiding people in the middle. An investor has several typical options. One is a long-term rental mortgage. A passive investor might fund a mortgage in this case. Another is a wholesaling investor purchase-to-sale. This requires funding to purchase the property for a short time until the close. The third is fix and flip investing in which the purchase price and the rehab cost must be funded.

A potential passive investor is the traditional saver who has low returns on safe investments. They may be looking for higher returns in investments that are still relatively safe.

A saver and an experienced investor may meet at a real estate investment club. The saver may be able to offer an experienced investor a loan at a better rate than could be obtained from a traditional lender. In turn, the saver receives much higher returns than they are accustomed to, and both come out with a higher profit.

Whether a person is an experienced real estate investor or a first-time investor, the assistance of an attorney may be advisable. A real estate investment is a significant step, and an attorney may be able to assist with a number of aspects of the process including contracts. A first-time buyer or investor is likely to be familiar with many things about the industry while even an experienced investor is unlikely to be a legal expert. Some of these aspects might range from escrow issues to easements to disclosure documents, and an attorney can also be of assistance if litigation is necessary.