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Tips on buying a home

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Residential Real Estate |

Buying a California home for the first time can feel overwhelming, but prospective purchasers should keep in mind that they can remain in control of the process throughout. First, it is important to decide how much to spend including closing costs. A person who is interested in a particular house might want to see what comparable homes are worth. Prices may be driven up or down by the local real estate market.

There are two considerations that could increase the amount people decide to offer for the home. One is any unique characteristic that make the home particularly valuable to them. This could be anything from the home’s location near a desirable school to something less tangible like an architectural feature that a potential buyer likes. They should also try to put themselves in the seller’s position and think about what could make the offer attractive based on the seller’s individual needs.

It is appropriate to offer some limited conditions, such as that the house passes inspection and the loan comes through. In a tight real estate market, a buyer may need to make several offers at once. It is normal for a seller to make a counter offer, and a buyer has the choice of accepting or refusing that offer.

Whether people are buying a first home or have been a homeowner before, they might want to consult an attorney throughout the process. Buying a home can be complex, and laws may have changed since the last time they did so. Furthermore, an attorney might be aware of potential pitfalls that the buyer does not to think to check on. An attorney also might be able to assist in resolving contract terms or any other issues that need to be settled before the sale can go through.