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Homebuyers and unfamiliar neighborhoods

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2018 | Residential Real Estate |

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant investments a California resident can make. That’s why it is important that they do their due diligence when selecting a property. If the potential future home is in an unfamiliar neighborhood, there are some steps they can take to make sure that they are making the right choice.

Safety is a primary concern for many prospective homeowners. To determine if a new area is safe, buyers can contact the local police station to obtain information on crime within the jurisdiction. Local newspapers are also a good source of safety information as they usually have sections that report the recent crimes that occur within the community.

Homebuyers who are parents or plan to have children in the future may also be concerned about the quality of schools in the new area. There are various online resources that can be used to pinpoint the most ideal school districts. Users can examine and compare rankings, student test scores and teacher-to-student ratios for all levels of schools.

Another factor to consider when reviewing a potential home is the commute to and from work. Homebuyers can test for themselves whether they will have a workable commute by driving to and from the area in which the home is located. If they prefer, they can also verify driving times using a GPS mapping system.

An attorney who practices real estate law may assist potential homebuyers by reviewing the contract terms of purchase agreements to make sure that their interests are protected. Additional assistance may be provided during real estate closings for short sales. If necessary, the attorney could litigate to settle disputes regarding zoning laws, title issues and the lack of disclosure regarding problems with the home.