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Website ADA – California Court holds “No Place No Case”

| Dec 31, 2019 | ADA |

California State Court Follows “No Place No Case” Doctrine.  In Thurston v. Midvale Corp., 39 Cal. App. 5th 634, 640-41 (Sep 3, 2019) , the Court closely followed 9th circut Federal Case, Robles vs Domino’s Pizza.  On the one hand, the Court allowed an ADA website case to go forward, but it also stated that the main reason for doing so, just as in the Robles case, was because there was a likely nexus between the website and the defendant’s physical store, stongly suggesting that without the nexus to a physical location where customers can obtain goods or services, there would be no ADA case.  This is what the Karlin Law Firm has called the “No Place – No Case” doctrine, or for short the Karlin Wesite Doctrine.  Good news for websites which have customers in California.

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