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ADA: Is this something small businesses need to comply with?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | ADA |

Much like tax brackets are different in California for a large corporation and a small business, so are the laws. One of those, and often the most asked about, is the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). The law calls for companies to make “reasonable accommodations” for disabled Americans. Although not all of the components of this law are required to be followed, there are certain regulations that companies must follow to keep their business compliant with the law. But what about a small business? Read on to learn more information about what areas apply to the small business owner.

Customers and the ADA

The reality of the ADA for small businesses is that they need to follow every rule it contains. This means removing any barriers that may make access to your location difficult or placing ramps outside your parking lot. However, a small business may refuse to follow certain rules if the cost is too much of a burden. It should be noted that you must provide clear evidence of this reason or run the risk of being fined by the state.

Employee laws

Much like you need to provide customers with an ADA compliant location, you must also do so for your employees. ADA compliance law requires business owners to provide people with disabilities with the same rights and access to career growth as the rest of your employees. It should be noted that having less than 15 employees does not exempt you from this part of the ADA.

If you’re having issues with certain parts of the ADA, then it is recommended to seek further advice from a professional attorney who has experience with this part of business law. Doing so may save you from having to make costly repairs.