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Real estate crowdfunding is big business

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2016 | Commercial Real Estate |

California residents have probably heard about crowdfunding, a method of online activity that can be used to raise money for charitable causes or new product launches. Now, online crowdfunding platforms are being used to connect investors with real estate developers who need financing for new real estate projects. Investors can contribute funds to a project proposed on a real estate crowdfunding site and get a return on their investment later on.

CrowdStreet is one real estate crowdfunding platform that has been doing particularly well in recent months. The company had back-to-back record earnings in June and July. According to a statement from CrowdStreet, real estate sponsors that are using the platform have been able to exceed multi-million dollar goals in less than 30 days.

CrowdStreet users are either real estate sponsors or high net worth individuals looking for investment opportunities. The company has been growing thanks to its marketplace funding as well as the licensing contracts that it has for its online fundraising and investment management software. When it launched in 2014, CrowdStreet was one of the only crowdfunding investment sites that focused on commercial real estate projects only. The company was also able to distinguish itself with its unique management software.

A person who is new to commercial real estate investing might want to talk to an attorney about a real estate crowdfunding opportunity. An attorney may be able to go over the details of the proposed real estate project and assess the risks of investing in it. If a person is having problems with a real estate project that they already agreed to invest in, an attorney may be able to help the investor take legal action.