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Staying savvy when buying real estate

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2016 | Commercial Real Estate |

For California business owners and investors, commercial real estate may represent an opportunity to make a profit on available capital. However, it is important that those who are investing in commercial real estate for the first time understands what they are getting into. First-time buyers should be careful to assess the risk of a particular investment. Market trends and other variables could turn today’s dream purchase into tomorrow’s nightmare scenario.

When buying commercial real estate, it is a good idea to take liquidity into account. While it may not be possible to turn a property into cash quickly, it may be possible to leverage that property when it comes time to raise capital for other projects. Potential purchasers are advised to do a variety of due diligence including visiting the site as well as doing land surveys and learning more about any restrictions related to using the property.

Buyers may not want to go it alone when deciding to purchase commercial real estate. It may be beneficial to have a real estate attorney and an accountant as part of an overall team of professionals. Doing so may make it more likely that a purchase will result in positive cash flow while reducing the other risks that may come with owning real estate.

Before buying a commercial property, it may be a good idea to discuss the deal with an attorney. Legal counsel may be able to go over the specifics of the agreement to purchase the property as well as any issues that may arise after the transaction has closed.