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Technology and the commercial real estate market

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Commercial Real Estate |

California investors who are interested in commercial real estate may benefit from learning how the technology industry is affecting the segment. The manner in which professionals in the industry conduct their business depends significantly on the advancements made in technology.

There are many platforms available for property management technology, which can be used by tenants, investors, property managers and landlords. The platforms have a sophisticated design and are created by companies like AppFolio, BuildScience and ClickNotices. Some are specially designed to accommodate certain niches within the commercial real estate market, such as management of a group of multifamily homes or facilities regulation for multistory office buildings.

Lending marketplaces are extending themselves beyond residential real estate into the commercial market. Quick access to a variety of traditional funding or crowdfunding options for commercial real estate projects are being offered by RealAtom, Rockfund and Money360.

Technological advancements are also responsible for the increase in crowdfunding investment marketplaces that provide access to investors, usually private citizens. The potential lenders are willing to invest part of their savings into a wide range of commercial real estate projects, such as office buildings, warehouses, and retail development. Data analytics is a technological tool that is being used in the commercial real estate industry to aid property owners and investors to make more informed choices about how they manage, acquire or dispose their properties. The more popular platforms for commercial real estate analytics include Honest Buildings, Propstack, Reonomy and Rentlytics.

A real estate law attorney may provide a range of services for individuals who invest in commercial real estate. This may include engaging in litigation to resolve zoning or title issues, drafting lease or purchase agreements, and advising of potential liability issues.