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List on Wednesday to get the most from a home

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Residential Real Estate |

According to Redfin, a California home seller should list their property on a Wednesday. The real estate brokerage looked at 100,000 home sales to find that properties listed on this day of the week sold for $2,023 more than properties listed on a Sunday. While Wednesday is ideal for those who are looking to make the most from their sale, Thursday is best for those who want to sell their homes fast.

Redfin data indicated that homes listed on Thursday sold about five days faster on average than a Sunday listing. In general, homes listed on Thursday were also more likely to be sold within 90 days. As an added bonus, homeowners could still expect to get an average of $1,609 more by listing on this day compared to Sunday. Conversely, Sunday and Monday were the least ideal days to list for those looking for a lucrative or timely sale.

One explanation for this was that buyers tend to start scouting properties later in the week. If a new home is listed for sale during that time, those will be the ones freshest in a buyer’s mind. Brokers may also hold events early in the week and suggest that buyers look at their properties when they become available.

Individuals who are looking to buy residential real estate may benefit from strategically looking at homes. This may include working with a real estate agent to determine an affordable price range. Once a buyer decides on a property, it can then be worthwhile to consult with an attorney to review the purchase contract prior to close. Legal counsel may also be able to look into and resolve potential title or zoning issues.