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Selling a home during the summer

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Residential Real Estate |

The summer months are a popular time to sell a home. However, there are some issues home sellers in California have to address in order ensure that they are able to attract the buyers they want.

During the summer, individuals may take advantage of the weekend to take mini-vacations away from town, which can make the turnout for open houses held on Saturdays and Sunday unsuccessful. Homeowners may want to consider having opens houses at other more convenient times, such as during rush hour traffic during the week when prospective buyers are already out and about town.

Homeowners may also attract more buyers if they advertise their open house as a party. Instead of focusing on pitching the sale of the home, it may be more productive to create a celebratory aspect of the gathering. Cool drinks can be offered, as well as popular grilled treats for the summer.

The time of day at which the function is held can also be a factor in its success. Homeowners should consider holding the open house during the evening when the temperature is not as extreme during the earlier parts of the day.

The exterior of the home should not be forgotten when getting the home prepared to make a good impression. Popular outside areas, such as the swimming pool, should be highlighted to bring attention to the outside space. Cleanliness is also important, and all outdoor furniture and patio areas, as well as the pool, should be inspected and cleaned before the open house.

An attorney who practices real estate law may protect the rights of clients during transactions related to the purchase of residential real estate. The attorney may advocate on behalf of clients during disputes regarding zoning laws, lack of disclosure, title issues, purchase agreement terms and real estate closings.