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How to make a home look great in the winter

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Residential Real Estate |

Those who are looking to sell a home in California or elsewhere may find that it is beneficial to stage it first. Doing so may help a prospective buyer picture him or herself living in the property. It can also help a home come off as clean and neat. As the winter months tend to be slow in the real estate market, proper staging is vital during this time of year.

When staging a home, be sure to get rid of family pictures or other reminders that someone currently lives there. The goal is to present a blank slate that a buyer can place his or her own image on. During the winter, homeowners should create a warm environment both literally and figuratively. They should make sure that the home is at a comfortable temperature and that it is decorated to embrace the season.

Using plants as decorations can make a home more colorful and make it smell better too. It is also a good idea to make sure that floors are not too cold and that there is adequate lighting in a home. Ideally, all the lights will be on in a home to make up for the fact that it tends to be darker in the winter. Keeping curtains and blinds open can also maximize the light in a home.

Selling a residential property takes preparation on the part of both the buyer and the seller. Buyers should be prepared to do their diligence as it relates to the condition of a property as well as negotiating a fair purchase price. Sellers should be willing to disclose problems with the home prior to a transaction closing. An attorney may help both buyers and sellers protect and assert their rights during the home sale process.