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Home-selling tips for Real Estate Sales

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Real Estate |

Residential Real Estate homeowners in California who want to sell their home should take care regarding which home-selling tips they follow. Making the wrong decisions or taking the wrong steps can result in a home that remains on the market for a long time or selling a home at a price that is much less than is desired.

For those thinking of selling their home without a real estate broker, it is wise to have the transaction handled by a real estate attorny who is also a real estate broker.  Often these attorneys charge a fraction of the price of the percentage fees charged by a real estate broker, and they often do a far better job with the legal documentation, purchase and sale agreements to protect the interest of their clients.  The Karlin Law Firm can handle the sale of your home.

Here’s an additional tip.  It is not always wise to wait until the spring months to place a home on the market. Spring is a popular season for selling a home, and homeowners will be competing with many other homes. This means that there will be more choices for buyers who will be likely to ask for a lower selling prices. In order to sell a home during the spring season, it will be necessary to market and price the home in such a way that it demonstrates to buyers that it is the better bargain than other homes nearby. Homeowners who want to sell their home without having to deal with a crowded market should consider selling during the winter and summer months when the competition is not as stiff.

Another ill-advised tip for homeowners is placing a high selling price on the home. Homes have been remaining on the market longer, so homeowners need to have realistic expectations about how they should price their home and have it more in line with what the market dictates. Some homeowners may think that starting with a high price tag is a good way to test the market. However, homes with above-market prices are likely to remain in the market longer, resulting in buyers wondering why.

An attorney who practices real estate law may protect the rights and interests of clients who are selling or purchasing homes. The attorney may also address disputes regarding zoning laws, title issues and contract terms.