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Millennials seek affordable homes

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2019 | Residential Real Estate |

Many California residents in their 20s and 30s would like to buy a home but may run into difficulty due to rising home prices in some areas. While there has long been a maximum real estate suggesting that “location, location, location” is the most important thing when buying a home, the cost of living in some cities is more than many couples and individuals can afford.

Many people dream of living in fashionable urban areas that are full of restaurants, parks and cultural landmarks. Unfortunately, cities such as San Francisco and Seattle are often unaffordable for middle-class earners.

As a result, young homebuyers are forced to make hard decisions regarding real estate purchases. Some will opt to buy a smaller home in a hot real estate market and enjoy the benefits of living in highly desirable areas. Others may choose to purchase homes in the towns and suburbs surrounding these areas. While this can be a more affordable option that provides homebuyers with more space, there is often a trade-off in terms of commute times.

A third option is to move to another more affordable community. As major companies expand their operations and place offices around the country, it is becoming easier for people to find good jobs in areas outside of Silicon Valley or Seattle. It should be noted, however, that communities that initially attracted young homebuyers with low housing costs and a high standard of living are now seeing their own real estate prices rise.

Individuals and couples considering purchasing a new home may benefit from speaking with an experienced real estate attorney. The attorney may be able to assist with contract terms, negotiations and closing real estate transactions.