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How to make a home more appealing to buyers

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2019 | Residential Real Estate |

Ideally, homes in California will be sold the same week that they are listed. If this doesn’t happen, homeowners may need to work with their real estate agents to come up with a new strategy. It’s important to listen to what the agent has to say as he or she will have extensive knowledge of the neighborhood and market conditions in general. Therefore, this person will likely know how to price or market the home to move it as quickly as possible.

It’s often wise to complete cosmetic upgrades to make the home more attractive to buyers. For instance, a seller could decide to put in new carpet, paint the walls brighter colors or make subtle changes to the bathroom and kitchen. The goal is to make sure that the home looks clean and properly maintained.

It can also be a good idea to devote time and money to cleaning up the home’s exterior as well. This could mean mowing the lawn, trimming trees or taking other steps to create additional curb appeal. Reducing the price of the home or offering other financial incentives to buyers could ease the selling process. If the home still doesn’t sell in a timely manner, it may be used as a rental to help defray holding costs.

When selling a residential property, it may be smart to work with an attorney to ensure the sale is completed properly and quickly. An attorney could help ensure that legal disclosures have been made and that the title is free and clear of liens. Legal counsel might also resolve any disputes that arise during or after the completion of a home sale.