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Buyers may not know that their homes are haunted

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Residential Real Estate |

If California homeowners believe that their homes are haunted, they may not share that belief with potential buyers. A poll from found that 60% of those who purchased an allegedly haunted house didn’t know about its haunted status prior to doing so. The poll also found that home buyers weren’t necessarily concerned about living in a haunted house or living next to a house that neighbors thought was haunted.

Individuals may mistake eerie shadows or weird noises as evidence that a ghost is living in a house. They may also believe that the presence of hot and cold spots in a home could be evidence of a paranormal phenomenon in their houses. Finally, some believe that they have actually been touched by a ghost or a spirit. According to the poll, about 20% of respondents say that they have lived in a haunted house at one point in their lives.

Generally speaking, sellers must disclose as much about a property as possible. In some cases, a lack of disclosure could be grounds for a lawsuit or give a buyer the ability to back out of a home sale. If a buyer is allowed to renege on a sale, he or she may be entitled to any earnest money put down to hold the home until closing. Those who are looking to buy a home typically have the right to inspect it before the sale closes.

Inspections may find issues such as water damage or a pest infestation. Legal counsel may be able to help a person who believes that he or she was misled about the condition of a home. This may be true whether it was the seller or the inspector who failed to disclose key problems that a home may have had.